// Tardigrad (тардиград): tardigrade terrarium with robotic tracking cam system

Muraveygrad (муравьиград/ants-city): ant terrarium with robotic tracking cam system

First phase of Tardigrad project that use ant as track subject instead of tardigrade (no microscope required).

Tardigrades real scale


2D moving plane

  • Linear actuator with stepper motor (< 10€ each)
    • 63 mm excursion
    • DC 4-5v

Camera and optics

Take care of tardigrades


Gold Supporters (>= 100€)
Silver Supporters (>= 10€)
Andrea Mostosi
Bronze Supporters



waterbear at giantmicrobes.com http://www.giantmicrobes.com/it/products/orso-dacqua.html

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