// A simple way to improve dokuwiki with "hide/show" feature


Sometimes is usefull to hide not critical parts of a document with the possibility to show them when you want (examples, diagrams, etc.) like this:


this wiki content is hideable

// Blog's reasons

Using dokuwiki at work I found that it has a very good trade-off between time spent and results quality; after a short training you can produce clear drafts to be shared with other people until the topic of the document is stable enough to be converted to a more “definitive” documentation format.

Finding useful an html snippet to hide part of a wiki document I had searched a blog engine that allow me to simply explain it, maybe with a syntax that I just known … the blogtng plugin of dokuwiki was a good solution.

So this is a wiki build with dokuwiki to speak about dokuwiki itself, recursively tasty! :-D .

If you like this wiki approach to blogging you can found a step by step howto on the Andreas Haerter blog.

I will use it to share technical and not technical informations that can have some value for other persons.

Enjoy, Matteo.

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