// A simple way to improve dokuwiki with "hide/show" feature


Sometimes is usefull to hide not critical parts of a document with the possibility to show them when you want (examples, diagrams, etc.) like this:


this wiki content is hideable


  • into “Configuration settings”
    • the field “htmlok - Allow embedded HTML” must be enabled.


01 <html>
02     <div>
03     <a class="urlextern" title="hideable content" style="cursor: pointer;" 
04         onclick="var el = document.getElementById('ghost');
05                  el.style.display = (el.style.display != 'block' ? 
06                      el.style.display = 'block' : 
07                      el.style.display = 'none');">show/hide
08     </a>
09     <div id="ghost" style="display: block;">
10 </html>
12     this wiki content is hidable
14 <html>
15     </div></div>
16 </html>


  • to add more hidable parts to your document you can duplicate this code changing the name of the hideable div at line 04 and 09 only.
  • to start with the div hided you can put “display: none;” instead of “display: block;” at line 09.


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